What’s The Lap Count?

The Lap Count is a weekly newsletter delivered on Wednesday mornings that recap all the fun action from the world of track & field.

Why should you subscribe?

It’s a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the sport. There is a lot happening and this newsletter is a great way to stay up to date with all the fun.

What will you do with my email?

Just send you one email every Wednesday morning. That’s it. We don’t ask for any other information and don’t share your email with sponsors or anyone else.

The only other email we’d maybe send is The Victory Lap.

What’s The Victory Lap?

The Victory Lap is a second email for premium subscribers that features an additional athlete interview. The plans cost $5/month or $40/year and that money goes to the participating athletes in exchange for help marketing The Lap Count to their fans. It’s completely optional, but a great way to show them your support.

Who is The Lap Count?

Kyle Merber + an editor — And all these views are my own! I used to be a moderately successful professional runner (I once ran a 3:52 mile), but I am better known for my Twitter account. Now I’m retired and just hoping to share quality content to build some hype.

But I could certainly use the community’s help in parsing through the posts, so please feel free to email me points of interest at TheLapCount@gmail.com

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